Monday, April 5, 2010

Color Combinations

I'm always trying to come up with pretty combinations of colors for designs, but sometimes I just go terribly wrong. That's usually when I scratch the whole thing and start over. I also go back to my same old color schemes. The tried and true that I know work. My favorite of those is green and blue. I love the look of green and blue. Almost all shades of the two.

My cousin told me yesterday that she loves blue and brown together.

I love these two together. That blue keeps popping up on everything and I have always been a big fan of orange.

This reminds me of a circus.

And these are just pretty.

What are you favorite color combinations? Do you always use the same colors on your blog/buy the same color fabric or clothes?

1 comment:

Jackie N said...

I'm really into gray right now, as you might have guessed since I asked you to use it in my identity stuff! I've noticed that just about my entire closet is solid colors, I really need to get some more pattern in there. I'm so boring.