Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Weekend

If I could, I'd go back here this weekend....

or here...
I have a stay-at-home weekend ahead of me with my little man getting over being sick, so it's getting me thinking about other places I'd like to be (ie. anywhere but home).

Anyone have exciting weekend plans they'd like to share to make me feel better (or worse)?

*Photos by me and my family in Russia (top four) and Peru.

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Manette said...

My roommate Avery is going to Peru in a month and I'm so jealous. Her brother is marrying a girl from there so Avery will probably get to go back sometimes. I wish I could go!

I'm going to St. Louis in June with Stevi. Probably not as exotic as Russia or Peru, but still fun. Oh yeah, I already told you that. You said the arch was cool. Yes, it will be. :)