Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've been anxiously awaiting some photos from my friend, Jackie since I asked her to take some of my recent projects and things I have for sale.

I was blown away by what she sent! Mostly because I had tried over and over to take a decent picture and they just came out looking really bad. Thank you Jackie!

More of her pictures can be seen at my shop or on my website (under Portfolio > Cards).

I recently made these invitations for my brother's wedding. More pictures of these can be found here on my website (under Portfolio > Weddings). I guess you could say these were a joint project with Jackie, since she took the beautiful photograph!


Horner Family said...

I LOVE those bird adorable! I found your blog through our facebook group, speed sold separately. Cute stuff!

Heather J said...

Both of your work looks great! I still need to get me some of your hello bird cards. too cute!